I’ve found that this is easier than the option below. Getting your atv ready to use that card Alright, now that the card is in, it’s time to get your appleTV ready to use it. I dont think Firecores CrystalHD installer is working properly. It’s the getting there that’s a pain. May 29, Messages: I suggest asking on the XBMC forums for more help, could be some other problem e. Do remember which connector goes where.

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Apple TV 1 FAQ – Official Kodi Wiki

I presume I can do this y just upgrading the standard OS? If all goes well you should have a new launcher menu cfystalhd on the ATV dash.

How hard would it be to put the wireless card back in and attach the antennas?

You can see it in the first post here. There are all kinds of guides out there, along with software some free, some not. Originally Posted by gwpac I agree – as much as I think these other apps are excellent work, I keeping heading back to Front Row for it’s sheer simplicity and wife-proofness! I’ve just booted it all up now and it scanned in a movie I added to the library yesterday it didn’t pick up, and am now scanning the TV Shows directory, so hopefully that will pick it up.

This should be about 30 minutes from beginning to end. I had used this in the past, but recently tried it again and it didn’t go smoothly.

Fingers crossed my woes are over.

Looking at the guide on the google code page, crystslhd file structure does look different to his one; I have two partitions on my usb drive – one called patchstick and one called recovery.


Now, there is certainly another option for the pre-’09 Mini’s — namely, changing out the CPU to a 2. Just got home – and it’s working! I just want it to have no problem with any p crystlhd I throw at it, so I don’t need to re-encode in Handbrake all the time, and by the looks of it, it doesn’t seem to be having any problems You could end up with some headaches by doing it at this stage, and I take NO responsibility for whatever you do to your computer.

If you try this and have problems, you can feel free to post them here, but I’d say there’s probably crystalnd.

(old) ATV, Broadcom HD card, but not working…

I can’t work out how to manually add films to it, I did manage to change the scraper from TheMovieDB to IMDB but now when it scans it’s finding a whole load of films, that all for some reason start with numbers – 35 Up, ’68, U – none of these films I actually have?!?!? I think I had a problem before on the last install of XBMC where a scraper or something was offline or couldn’t be reached, so I left it and tried again the next day and it worked.

I don’t have this film, never even heard of it, on my NAS! Originally Posted by Phantom Gremlin Thanks for all the info. Now, because this has been around for a long time, there are some idiosyncracies involved, depending on what atv OS it is, which version of atv you have, etc. You can find the OS X nightlies here.

ATV with Crystal HD clarification please

Nov 20, at As of right now, in order to harness the power of this little dynamo, you will need to use X-Box Media Center. Directions for updating the linux image are here but fairly complex and you’d only be doing it to verify the card is being detected. I don’t really want to delete the entire library and start again as it’s taken me DAYS to get it all loaded up the old version was much more stable and reliable.


This requires a little computer-y words and stuff. This should be the easiest way to do it. This time it played perfectly fluidly, and the audio sync’d up, but it made my amp flash constantly, as if it was dropping and repicking up the signal. So it’s rebooted now and I have two new tool bar entries – Software Menu and Launcher.

I’ve tried the free version as well as the atv flash pay setup, and I find the free version just as easy and obviously gratis.

I think the easiest guide is the memory replacement ctystalhd here. As to stopping it I’m not sure, XBMC dev would have to weigh in on the problem try posting over there. If you need some pics to tell you how to replace the wifi card with the broadcom card, there was a little picture blog done about it here. Did the physical installation, and then ran the software installation, as depicted here; Fire Core Support: You must log in or sign up to reply here.