In this window it is also possible to choose among the Auto brightness and Night Vision, in the second case the Auto night vision option is also activated. This driver will let your PC communicate with your unit. Page 60 AvMap s. The instructions include direction, distance or time to the next manoeuvre. From Via point select Set as via point. The File menu will open.

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Page svmap Index Warning Maintenance Battery disposal 1. Find the latest release of the software, which will incorporate all the most recent improvements and all the previous ones.

Private person purchasing the product from avmap geosat 4 travel vendor. Flexible bracket with suction avmap geosat 4 travel 4. With Geosat 4 TRAVEL on board you will be able to – receive your GPS position and view it on detailed Tele Atlas mapping – set your destination and be guided by written prompts and voice instructions – plan a complex trip – obtain a list of nearby points of amvap – stroke your favourite location as marks on the map – use the display to see movies or pictures ….

AvMap Geosat 4 TRAVEL Europe : Manual

Track recording step This sets the time interval or distance between successive points stored in the track. In the General folder, select Factory defaults. In this case you can choose trabel activate the walkway or to avmap geosat 4 travel to the nearest accessible road.


Select Name with the cursor. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. The radio equipment has to be connected to the TMC serial port. Setting the destination 3.

In the Find menu select Clear List, to delete all the data included in recently found. To have all the available languages it is suggested that you update the software periodically.

Avmap Geosat 4 TRAVEL Europe Manuals

The Advanced route-planning menu will now open. Press the MENU button. The Find menu will show the search criteria in use.

Page 29 The memory is initialised automatically and prepared for saving the data. To know whether your cartography needs to be updated or not, you need to know the version of the cartography preloaded on the SD card and check whether that is the latest one available on the AvMap web site. If it avmap geosat 4 travel not, press Geozat until it is displayed.

Tell us what’s missing. Page 38 weather conditions d. Switch on the navigator by pressing the PAGE button. Insert the formatted SD inside navigator.


Introduction – AvMap Geosat 4 TRAVEL Europe User Manual

To make this operation easier the auto-filling function is activated. Volume adjustment with the remote control To adjust volume with the remote control: This window displays a list of avmap geosat 4 travel points of interest near to the cursor or to the current GPS position.

This driver will avmap geosat 4 travel your PC communicate with your unit. Setting preferences Amateur radio equipment and GPS with software to provide real — time disseminating of data concerning real-time events and to graphically represent that data on their computer, or GPS display. Format the memory card 3.

Set the destination 3. Trave quickly set a route to a recent destination, select it with the cursor and press the MENU button. Select the required POI. Choose among three options: When a new Mark is created on the map, it is svmap saved in the Personal folder.