But up until now, I had been one of the many who just scratched it off my tool list. Borka Tools adjustable torque driver ATD provides a range of the tightening torque adjustment from 10 inch-lbs. Berger 17 Cal Berger 20 Cal. Berger 25 Cal 25 Cal Hunting. And the cheap alternatives were, well, cheap in build quality as the price tag implied.

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When those parts cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to replace, suddenly a torque wrench becomes a wise investment. Assuming that torqye of the force is perpendicular to the arm, torque value can be calculated as Force X Distance.

In order to achieve this high level of torque limiting accuracy, ATD user is fully expected to follow instructions, provided by Borka Tools.

Gear Review: Borka Military Grade Multi Torque Driver

Boris Teper, Borka Tools Owner A personal note about Pro-Shot modular cleaning rod – as far as I’m concerned, and in addition to what I was told by my customers, totque purchased and used this product, this is the probably the best quality modular cleaning rod made in the U. ATD operation is based on use of one of the two pre-set “break-over” forces.

The slot position sets the effective lever arm length. The handle easily just pops back in place and you are set to go again. Trentech Scope Rings and Mounts. What Borka did was design a small and compact tool that has the ability to do multiple torque settings but yet is small and light weight.


The torque wrench itself is pretty easy to setup, especially borks you refer to the included instruction sheet as well as view the YouTube video demonstrating bor,a to set it up and use.

It tlrque my experience that quality torque wrenches were expensive and were built for only one torque setting, driving up costs as you buy multiple pieces for action screws, base screws, and rings. Actually, go buy yourself a certified calibration tool yeah, I own one and then try every TQ tool you have from Buffalo flea-market beam wrench to ohh-itsa-Snap-On. Avatars by Sterling Adventures.

Borka Torque Tool

Gear canvas pouch, it is small and compact making for easy storage in a ruck sack, deployment case, or even weapons cleaning case. Harvey Deprimer Case and Bullet Preparation. Email a list of desired accessories for a complete kit price and shipping quote.

Berger Cal Cal Hunting. Case and Bullet Preparation.

We highly recommend to watch ATD related videos from Tactical and Learning Firearmsposted on our website home page and available from Youtube. Torque wrenches are one of those things where you pay for what you get. Always defer to manufacturers recommendations if they differ from those below.

I did have a one observation that Toorque thought was gorque to share. Gear canvas case to package it for easy storage. My torque tools are designed to serve specific purpose of providing a number of torque settings, most commonly used by the owners of precision rifles.

Borka Tools Multi Torque Driver – Sniper Central

I blame my stupidity on lack of caloric intake. TAB Rests and Bags. March Books and Manuals.

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They came to the same conclusions Torqke did. EFK accessories are not offered for sale as separate items. D Engineer Boris Teper has invented a remarkably compact yet effective torque-setting tool that is ideal for tensioning scope ring fasteners and action screws on rifles. What do you do? When applied borkw over the adjusted distance exceeds selected torque value, torque driver handle disengages the driver arm lock and then pivots out of the way, effectively canceling further torque application and preventing over-tightening of the fastener.

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Made in the U. Even with the fact that the action screws and ring cross mount bolts share the same torque setting, typically inch pounds, to allow for sharing a single wrench for both of those settings, it is also nice to have a good torque wrench for use on the ring caps to insure the scope is firmly in place and properly torqued in the rings.