Thanks in advance, -alen. I am gone mad with it from 3 days. It might be Play for Sure branded, but why you would want to play with this device is beyond us. Bhatt confirmed that you cannot monitor your own voice recording using the built in microphone BUT if you use the line-in jack you CAN monitor it through the earphones. Will the T30 2gig be able to handle this?

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What Hi-Fi?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Does iriver mp3 wma work properly on an Millenium operating system mghz processor or does it only work with XP?

I have lloked at T30 and ifp, both from iriver. Where are the drivers? Oh well … other than that, everything is absoultely splendid with this player and have no other complains.

iRiver T30 MB Portable Digital Music MP3 Player TMB B&H

Lriver help is greatly appreciated! I too have been looking at using a flash memory MP3 recorder for gigs — like to know what results others are having. It does its thing and then tells me to unplug my T Amazon Kindle Paperwhite review: Slip it into a shirt pocket, and you’ll hardly notice it’s there.


Question here unplug the usb from the computer or the cord from the T30? I have several questions:. Finally, stumbled on http: Unlike the more expensive T10, the T30 does include a Line in option to transfer tracks directly to the MP3 player without the need for a computer.

Unlike the T10, the T30 has little going for it. Can you transfer files back and forth using windows explorer?

The iRiver T30 site.

Product Key Features Storage Capacity. It just occurred to me that this problem started about the time I upgraded my Windows Media Player from v. Is the sampling rate changeable? I suggest you do the following to play that station on your computer: Skip to main content.

iRiver T30 Red ( 1 GB ) Digital Media Player

However at least they do release firmware upgrades which fix most problems. But then it happens again!

Nearby is a bung-covered mini USB port and irier obligatory necklace connector. The recovery is to fast forward Study mode at 3 minutes a pop is faster and start over. I think I just fried my iriver ifp by trying to upgrade the firmware, right now all it does is boot and display the message NO FILE.


iRiver T30 MB Mp3 Player | eBay

Alternatively you could ask iriver support at http: If I record via mic or line input, can I copy the file back to my PC? Did you press any of the buttons throughout the 8 hours eg: Nope Line-in needs a powered mic according to all the reports people have sent me. Until, i saw this site, i too experienced the problem, where in Januarymy T30 which i had for 1.

Thanks for the help.

I bought it for replacing another one that I have lost. Doing either of these will most likely delete all the files already on the T