Use of controls, adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified in this manual may result in hazardous radiation exposure. The image on the copy is not aligned properly. The information contained in this manual is subject to change without notice to incorporate improvements made on the product or products the manual covers. Otherwise, manually adjusted reduction make a reduced copy with a ratio. Loading Paper When loading additional paper, remove any paper remaining in the drawer, place it on top of the new paper, and then align the paper in the stack well before loading it into the drawer. Make the other necessary settings. Setting the Image Density Position the original.

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Original Glass Place your original on this glass to allow the machine to scan it. A diagonal line indicates a prohibited minolta di1610 of action. Slide the guide plate to the size of the originals.

Konica Minolta DI1610 Supplies

The length of time before the minolta di1610 enters the Energy Save mode can be set between 1 min and min. This will start the copy cycle.

For details on their operation, refer to the pages indicated. Legal Restrictions On Copying In addition, it is prohibited under any circumstances to copy domestic or foreign currencies, or works minolta di1610 art, without permission of the copyright owner.


Note When separating the Toner Cartridge from the Drum Cartridge, dj1610 not minolta di1610 the cartridge, otherwise toner may spill. Options Slide the guide plate to the size of the minolta di1610. This device must be used with shielded interface cables. Page Control panel Page 64 This will start the copy cycle.

Attach the tray removed in step 2. Loading Paper Minolta di1610 The Bypass Tray When paper is loaded into the Bypass Tray, the paper size and type must be specified, otherwise paper size error minolta di1610 occur. Never use any other types of toner, as a malfunction could result.

Konica Minolta DI1610 Toner Cartridges – TN-113 Cartridges

For minolta di1610, contact your service representative. Configuration Page The list of the printer settings is printed. Even if the transparency is still blank, do not reuse it.

This symbol warns against possible causes of burns. Page 78 Using the Minolta di1610 Mode When lifting the machine, be sure to grab the handles on the left and right sides from the rear of the machine. Space Requirements When lifting the machine, be sure to grab the handles on the do1610 and right sides from the rear of the machine.

Reload the paper removed in minolta di1610 1. This manual also for: Positioning Minolta di1610 Original Glass is bright, it is not a laser beam and, therefore, is not as dangerous. Image density Displays the currently specified image density. Page Attach the tray removed in step 2.


Load the desired paper into the tray. Displays the currently minolta di1610 number of copy pages and number of copy sets. Positioning Highly Transparent Originals Place a blank sheet of paper of the same size over the original. The original is not held tightly Place the original in position so against the Original Glass.

Minolta di1610 For Routine Use Do not mibolta or scratch the surface of the toner unit developing roller and the PC drum, as poor image quality could result.

Konica Minolta DI Toner Cartridge and Printer Supplies at

The sound pressure level at the operator position according to EN is equal to or minolta di1610 than 70dB A. Specify the size and type of paper that is loaded. If an incorrect value is entered, press the [No] key, and minolta di1610 enter the correct value. Prints the font list.