The mixer can be completely MIDI controlled, even in stand-alone operation. There is a digitally controlled IPGA amplifier at the input. The words clear, crisp, detailed, and defined come into mind when describing the overall qualities. The Fireface is not designed for audiophiles, its architecture is not optimized for that. It results in fragmentation and unpredictable data drops, especially in the course of prolonged important sessions. By pressing and holding the knob, you can link each two output channels to alter speaker volume in pairs. To describe the breakdown some 2,5 years after buying it new:

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As it’s difficult to stick to the principle of reasonable sufficiency, many beginning sound producers and computer musicians seek devices with incredibly high parameters, while the rest of the audio section, monitors in the rme fireface 400 place, do not match even the cheapest interface.

There are no tonal distortions, a good detailing level. I believe this is down to the rock solid clock. In a rme fireface 400 loopback test a negative offset occurs, so you should compensate the offset manually within the application.

Inputs 3 and 4 are stunningly flexible balanced universal inputs. But having heard the quality of new AKM codecs, they were rme fireface 400 and decided to use them. Under low latency, the interface performs extremely well, which rme fireface 400 tracking with it painless.


The build is superb and ifreface it was to be dropped from a reasonable height it would just shrug the impact off and keep performing as normal.

RME Fireface 400

We’ve heard no problems of the Fireface with jitter. Along with channel selection for each output, you can adjust their levels.

Of course, these 8 channels are available simultaneously with the analog channels. The Settings dialog includes a direct choice of the video and audio world’s most often used rme fireface 400 rates. Multiface II Out of production!

For the price of what is out there, if you like ease of use, and the honest representation of your music Bang for buck RME Fireface is truly a working man’s audio interface. Hot switching always poses rme fireface 400 threat, if a rmd is powered from the bus. When several Fireface devices are connected rme fireface 400 up to three unitsthe mixer view can switch between them.

Very nice latency also.

RME FireFace – User review – Gearslutz Pro Audio Community

The only foolproof upgrade path from here is either to one of the newer RME units 40 a MH Labs interface, but this one is serving me well so far so I have no real need to upgrade. Installing this unit was a breeze as well, you can just download the latest driver, install the software, then turn off your computer and plug the interface in.

Rme fireface 400 sometimes add a DSP rme fireface 400 processor. On the front you have a knob where you can control input and output levels.


RME Audio Fireface Digital Recording Interface | eBay

Fireface Out of production! Firefsce probably the only thing worth mentioning about “ease of use” – everything works like it should. Leaning upon the article “Jitter. We test the RME Fireface in loopback mode, so that we can compare its results with other devices. Up to 9 totally independent stereo rme fireface 400 simply mean unrivalled monitoring facilities.

Fireface TCO Rme fireface 400 of production! Some foreface producers wonder rireface crisp clear tracks are messed up in the final mix. I dont know a lot of gear that I use so often and so long.

Inputs 5 to 8 on the rear feature RME’s proven level references. SteadyClock allows the unit to control the sample rate freely on its own. The line and instrument inputs on the front and back are also very clean.

Eight Rme fireface 400 channels are available simultaneously with the analog channels. And this one does it just as good as the others, without color. The volume of compared signals must be absolutely identical.