They are cheap on ebay at the moment. With the proper shaft any Titleist driver is superior to almost anything out there R9…. Are you still playing the d3? I had a R and used that for about two or three years but when the range came out i decided to purchase the D3 9. An integral Titanium blind bore hosel — gone is the bore-through design found on the and drivers. Thank you for all the time you put in these reviews, best to luck to you and your golf game! Tour Drivers We tested:

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As far as launch, are you saying that it has a high launch? Titleist Driver Launch Conditions: I just don’t want something that balloons on me Please sign in to comment.

Though I disliked the sole design on the H and F3it strikes me as far more appropriate on the driver. I have tried the D2 with titleish V2 shaft and loved it and am tempted to buy one secondhand. I hit the d3 8. Are these user changable? Into a stiff breeze with a lot of open space it can be pretty useful, but beyond that….

Titleist Driver Review – Golfalot

Volume One Hundred Eighty Two. I bought a virtually new D2 driver at my local pro shop at a bargain after trying out 3 other new driver model versions. I have just put a D3 8. I just feel like a driver should do the work FOR you, and not the other way around. Sign Up for Newsletters Receive insider analysis, swing tips, equipment news, special offers and much more.


Titleist 909D2/909D3 Driver Review

Cheers and 909 up the great work. What a perfect accompaniment to my first morning coffee. I prefer the r based on what seems to be a draw bias for my natural swing. I have only played two rounds with it so far, but is just gives me a lot of confidence off the tee. I too like you fit the D2 with V2 shaft.

I went to a fitter and spent a lot titleixt time on the launch monitor before settling on the D3 with the Titleist Voodoo in X-stiff.

Titleist pros and clubs.

Receive insider analysis, swing tips, equipment news, special offers and much more. The D3 is the easiest to manipulate shots with high or low, left or right. If there isnt a really good deal, then should i consider getting the d1?

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Titleist D Comp Driver

From your excellent review it seems as though it is. Golfers also have different preferences in terms of ball flight, trajectory, and playability, and demand more than just distance — a list that includes appearance, feel, sound, accuracy, quality, and consistency.

New Drivers  TCD 41/42/50 DRIVER

Is the feel of the d3 any better than the d2?

This chart does a nice job of summarizing the issue. MOI isallowing for a little more workability than the D Comp, and the face is shallower than the D Comp or D3, providing launch confidence and a preferred setup appearance titliest some.

The D3 is also titanium with a smaller cc head for low launch and low spin, ideal for very low handicap players and the DComp is a composite titanium and carbon head for High launch and mid spin. And yes, that pun was totally intended. Titlleist conclusion was they match the competition and need to all be tried in a controlled environment.

Titleist 909D2, 909D3 and 909 DComp Drivers

Tell us what you think of the Titleist D2 in the comments area at the bottom of this page. Also, the alignment marker on the crown, Titleizt take it that it is square to the driver face. The better compromise was to play the ball up and to reduce spin.